Pittsburgh Starbucks workers vote to unionize

Workers at a Pittsburgh Starbucks have voted to join a union.

The Forbes and Atwood store voted unanimously to join Starbucks Workers United, becoming the 15th location in Pittsburgh to unionize.

Unionized baristas say they want protections like living wages and racial and gender equity.

Since 2021, more than 430 Starbucks stores in 43 states and the District of Columbia have joined the Starbucks union.

Starbucks sent a statement to Channel 11 that reads, in part:

“On December 8th, Starbucks Chief Partner Officer Sara Kelly sent a letter to Workers United President Lynne Fox in an earnest attempt to propose a path forward that would allow us to resume productive contract negotiations for our U.S. partners who have chosen to elect union representation.  The letter outlines our desire to reach contracts for represented stores in the coming year and our commitment to conduct bargaining in a way that honors and respects the dignity, individuality and privacy of our partners.”

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