2 students arrested after fight in Gateway High School cafeteria

MONROEVILLE, Pa. — According to Monroeville Police, two students were arrested Thursday following a fight inside the Gateway High School cafeteria.

Gateway’s superintendent, Dr. William Short, said the altercation took place between four girls at lunchtime.

In a statement to 11 News, he added, “Staff and school police intervened, and students will be disciplined. This is an isolated incident and does not reflect the learning environment at Gateway High School.”

A 40 second clip of the fight, sent to 11 News by a viewer, shows students on the ground and punches being thrown.

We showed the video to people in Monroeville, and they were astounded by what they saw.

“I’ve never seen anything like that. Never,” said Anne Conrad. “I don’t know what would’ve started all that, but that’s bad.”

Adam Hartman has a 7-year-old daughter.

He said parents need to be held accountable for their kids’ behavior.

“It’s got to start early, at a young age, because by the time you get to high school, if they don’t have the discipline to not do that or to know to get away from that, it’s probably too late, really,” Hartman said.

The names and ages of the two girls who were arrested, and the charges they could be facing, have not been released.

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