Popular Cranberry Township restaurant receives violation for insect activity

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A popular restaurant in Cranberry Township, Jimmy Wan’s along Route 228, was hit with a disturbing violation that has surprised many customers.

According to the state’s Department of Agriculture, the restaurant was inspected last week and inspectors found evidence of insect activity in the kitchen area.

The Department of Agriculture inspects restaurants regularly to make sure kitchens are making food in sanitary conditions.

Jimmy Wans’ most recent inspection on April 19th was actually a follow-up to a complaint last month relating to insects at the restaurant.

On March 10, the restaurant was listed as “out of compliance” after inspectors found insects in the kitchen prep area, also near the cook line and on the floor in the sushi room.

“I’m shocked with the customers and restaurant that they would be having issues. I definitely wouldn’t expect it from them,” said customer Patrick Ard. “I hope they get it fixed up.”

After both inspections, the restaurant immediately got a pest control company or exterminator to remove the insects.

“I’m just surprised it happened more than once, but maybe it wasn’t thorough enough the first time,” said customer Nancy Baumann.

The owner said they have corrected the issue and the restaurant remains open.

“Hopefully this is a one, two-time thing and that should be it,” said Baumann.

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