PPS officials outline future plans to consolidate buildings

PITTSBURGH — The future of Pittsburgh Public Schools will include fewer buildings. District officials outlined a plan for the future of PPS at a Wednesday evening meeting.

Officials did stress that the plan goes much deeper than consolidation.

“Let’s be clear. Right now, there is no list of school closures,” Superintendent Dr. Wayne Walters said. “What we’ve presented to our board of directors is not the final chapter.”

Administrators highlighted the need for change, citing a number of items including enrollment and financial issues. Leaders expect a $23 million budget deficit in 2024.

On the enrollment side, a number of schools are operating at 50% or less of what the district calls “functional capacity.”

The number of students in the district has dropped by 26% in the last decade, alone.

“At no point has any parent come up here and said ‘We will die without our building,’” parent Valerie Webb-Allman said. “We want to make sure this transition and this plan is not only centered around classes we want, we want to make sure our teachers are protected.”

The next phase involves hiring a consulting firm. The final plan won’t be voted on until at least December.

You can find the full timeline and presentation here.

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