Saltworks Theater Group uses assemblies to connect with students about their mental health

Some local actors are Breaking the Stigma by teaching students, it’s okay to not be okay. The Saltworks Theater Group out of Avalon performs school assemblies on the issues affecting kids today, including mental health.

Channel 11 was there when Saltworks gave an assembly on anxiety at Shaler Middle School. The play uses situations kids face today, like positive body image, social media, bullying and more.

“Our plays cover topics like vaping, taking care of your body, respecting others, those kinds of things. We’ve just trying to spread a message of positivity and respect for those around us,” said Saltworks actor Trevor Buda.

Shaler Middle School teacher Jay Hellinger had a double interest in the play. His daughter is one of the actors. He also feels their message is sorely needed because teachers are seeing more and more students needing mental health help.

“Most kids don’t want to hear from adults. But these young actors, even though they’re adults, they’re relatable to these kids,” Hellinger said.

“Saltworks has been around for 40 years this year, so we’re celebrating our big anniversary,” said company board chair Amber Fantini. “They’ve been changing lives for students all across Pennsylvania.”

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