Some Arlington residents frustrated with speeding issues on Spring Street

PITTSBURGH — People who live on Spring Street in Pittsburgh’s Arlington neighborhood say there’s been a handful of crashes in the last six months, and they can’t count the number of sideswipes. They’re asking what it’s going to take for something to change the speeding issues.

“Someone’s definitely going to get killed,” said Deborah Casne. “We have people going up and down our street going 80-90 mile an hour. I’m serious. It’s bad.”

Drivers also roll right through stop signs. Deborah Casne says her daughter almost got hit last week.

“While she was trying to get out of the car, her car door was actually hit,” said Casne.

“Pretty scary,” said Anjel Brocato. “If you’re taking out your groceries you have to make sure nobody is coming down the street.”

Then this weekend, a driver hit into this parked car around 4 a.m. Saturday.

“It was loud,” said Brocato. “I heard the crash and our house alarm went off.”

“Since they put speed bumps up on Arlington Avenue, this has come to be a nightmare,” said Casne.

Casne thinks drivers are avoiding the recently added speed humps on Arlington Avenue by cutting down her street.

“Something has to be done,” said Casne.

The City of Pittsburgh says traffic calming projects are the city’s most requested service. Spring Street is currently eligible for a traffic calming request. The timeline isn’t clear. From start to finish, it took about two years. The City received a request for a traffic calming study in September 2020 and the speed humps as well as other improvements were finished in September 2022.

Mayor Ed Gainey’s budget includes a 136-percent increase in traffic calming funding with two new positions to help manage these projects.

“We need them,” said Casne. “We need them.”

“If they got speed bumps up there they might as well put speed humps down here,” said Brocato. “Might slow people down.”

Besides reaching out to the City, Casne says she’s starting a petition.

Click here to see the status of your street for a traffic calming study and to submit requests.

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