Some Mount Washington neighbors frustrated with motorcycles continuously speeding

PITTSBURGH — Motorcycles speeding up and down a residential roadway have neighbors asking for help.

They tell Channel 11 it’s become a nightly issue.

“They screech up and down the street. They rev their engines. Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin,” one woman said. She’s lived on Bertha Street on Mount Washington for nearly 80 years.

“I haven’t slept for forever because they come up here every night. I don’t use air conditioning when I don’t have to. My windows are open for fresh air. I shouldn’t have to hear like someone’s in my bedroom with me,” another woman told us. She’s been on the street since the 1980s.

Both women declined to use their names for fear of retaliation.

We could see tire marks left from activities the night before. Some neighbors have even installed cameras to catch the riders in the act.

Channel 11 obtained video that shows the riders speeding on the street.

“They’re getting their speed up but then you hear them slamming on their breaks. Donuts. It’s just getting out of hand,” neighbor Dan Conroy said.

“We don’t want it here in the city. Nobody should have to put up with that,” one woman said. “Stop it and grow up.”

“I would like to see police officers making money for the City of Pittsburgh by handing out tickets to everyone who comes,” another said.

Channel 11 did reach out to Pittsburgh Public Safety. We were told police are monitoring the traffic situation along Bertha Street.

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