Thieves violently attack truck driver, steal $30K worth of snow crab in Philadelphia, police say

PHILADELPHIA — A truck driver was injured in Philadelphia last week after thieves stole his cargo, which police said was pallets of snow crab worth $30,000.

NBC affiliate WCAU reports that the cargo heist happened near a Northeast Philadelphia Walmart at around 5 a.m. The truck driver was sleeping but was woken up by an alarm signaling that his truck was being broken into.

Around a dozen thieves violently attacked the driver and got away with the 100 boxes of Granpa Havery’s snow crabs. Police said they believe it was an organized heist.

“Regrettably the driver intervened and was assaulted by two of the males. He wasn’t seriously injured but he was banged up a little bit. The males then fled,” Philadelphia Police Captain John Ryan said to WCAU.

Ryan added that four vehicles were involved — a black BMW, a white Chevy and a grey or gold Subaru. Police are still trying to get the description of the fourth car.

WCAU reports that around this time last year in the same spot, $200,000 worth of dimes were stolen from an unmarked trailer.

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