Thousands of Thanksgiving holiday travelers head home, potentially breaking a record

The Pittsburgh International Airport was packed with travelers making their way home after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Despite the busy skies, several people said the travel day was smooth sailing.

“It wasn’t too bad,” said Linda Ferenczy of North Jackson, Ohio.

Her husband Bill Ferenczy agreed.

“The luggage was here quick, and we got right here quick,” he said.

The TSA said air travel on Sunday could break a record for the busiest single travel day ever with an estimated 2.9 million passengers flying home.

“The airplanes were full. All were sold out, but everything went smooth,” said Maria Papenbrock of Washington, Pa., who flew home with her husband Hans and their daughter. “There was kind of a bumpy flight. I have to say, very bumpy flight but we are glad to be back.”

The TSA expects to screen nearly three million people at airports across the country on Sunday alone.

In Pittsburgh, the line for security spilled out past the ropes at one point.

“I was actually sitting over there, and I saw it start to fill up, so I figured I’d better go get a spot for myself in line,” said Reza Reese of Pittsburgh.

Reese, 20, flew home for the holiday but was making his way back to Florida for school.

“It was good to be home, but it’s a little busy here, so make it through this checkpoint and get on the plane in time, hopefully,” Reese said.

Linda and Bill Ferenczy are thankful to be back on the ground after spending a total of 12 hours in the sky flying back from Germany.

“We had a fantastic trip, but it’s time to come home and relax,” Bill Ferenczy laughed.

If you plan on flying out on Monday, there could be some weather delays and cancellations. The TSA is urging travelers to check their flight status and arrive at the airport at least two hours early.

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