Washington County

Woman rescued from 2-alarm fire in Washington County

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Pa. — A woman was pulled from a burning home today in North Strabane Township after her home caught fire.

Firefighter say the fire started in the kitchen of the home on Latimer Avenue.

Debra Roach lives less than 100 feet from where the home. She told us she knows the family who lives in this home and said a prayer when she heard the woman in the home was trapped.

Debra says she is thankful that the fire department is just down the road and got to the scene quickly.

North Strabane fire chief Mark Grimm says his firefighters “forced the door in and got her out.”

Grimm says the woman suffered injuries that included minor burns and was flown to a local hospital, where the woman’s husband told us she was being treated for those burns.

Also in the house were two dogs, one of which died in the fire.

The house suffered a significant amount of damage.