‘Water just from everywhere’: Munhall area hit hard by flash flooding

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — Neighbors on Shady Avenue in Munhall say the rain started at 6:30 p.m. Friday evening. The force of it was enough to tear up part of the road and force open garage doors.

“Water just from everywhere” is how Heather Grove described the scene.

“It just loomed over us and wouldn’t go away. Everything in our basement is gone,” Alice McLaughlin said.

The two women are neighbors.

“It literally forced its way under our garage doors, opened them up, filled our garages and blew the doors open. Three, four feet of water came in our basements,” McLaughlin said.

“They have to shut everything off. We have to find a place to stay. Renters insurance tells me they don’t do (anything) for floods, so we’re out. My son has a feeding tube, and all his stuff is downstairs floating away,” Grove said.

It’s not the first time this has happened on Shady Avenue.

“My kids lost everything twice already, and this time is really, really bad,” Grove said. “I’ve lived here for a year, and it’s been the worst year of my entire life.”

“We’ll get through it. We’re here for each other. This is a great neighborhood,” McLaughlin said.

Firefighters were on scene all evening pumping out basements. Neighbors were told the Red Cross was contacted and they’d be put up in a hotel.

Grove says she will likely move after yet another flood.

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