• Parents charged in death of newborn child who had 96 bone fractures


    HOUSTON, Texas - When Jason Robin began dating Katharine White four years ago, White's grandmother was immediately concerned.

    "He's a drug addict. We tried to keep Katharine away from him, and it didn't work," Virginia White told KTRK.

    Robin, who has a criminal record, and Katharine shared a northwest Houston home and would eventually have three children together. Robin has now been charged with the murder of their middle child, Jazmine. 


    White remembers when Jazmine died. It was July 15, 2018, just 12 days after the preemie was released from the hospital as a healthy child.

    "I called and asked what happened. 'cause she told me she had to rush the baby to the hospital, and she was having convulsions and all, and she passed away," said White.

    Court documents paint a much darker picture. Investigators wrote that the final autopsy, which was completed just last month, shows Jazmine suffered 96 fractures in her tiny body, including multiple broken ribs and a skull fracture. She lived just 10 weeks.

    Prosecutors allege her mom and her dad were not truthful about what happened to Jazmine. Their two other children have been removed from their care.  

    White is still angry. The only time she met Jazmine was at the child's funeral.

    "I don't know Jason very well. I just think -- I know he does drugs -- and I just know he was very inattentive and didn't care."


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