Group honoring memory of local boy makes us Proud to be from Pittsburgh

MCCLELLANDTOWN, Pa. — If you drive through Fayette County, you’ll likely come across Hunter Braddee. There are several cars that have his picture prominently displayed.

“Just awesome kid. Full of life, love, laughter,” said family friend Sherry Williams.

“Bunny. I named him Bunny from the day he was born,” said his grandma, Lisa McKahan.

And that nickname lives on, even after death. Just two days after his 4th birthday, Hunter was killed in a car crash allegedly by a truck driver under the influence of drugs. Two of his family members were also killed in the crash in McClellandtown in 2019.

“We take it day by day. We have some days that’s worse than others,” said McKahan. “We try to keep busy as much as we can.”

Oftentimes, that’s through the foundation in his name: the Hunter K. Braddee Helping Heroes Foundation.

“We figured we’d start the foundation in his memory and do what he loved: to help people and help firefighters,” said Williams.

Most notably, they donated a rescue truck to the McClellandtown Volunteer Fire Department. His mom showed Channel 11 the stuffed bear that sits in the firetruck. It is made out of his clothes.

The McClellandtown Volunteer Fire Department was one of the first to respond to Hunter’s accident. They use this new truck to help other car crash victims.

“Hunter is with us. He’s right there by our side. He’s our angel watching over us,” said firefighter Robert Adams.

“Every time we do an event I go visit him at the graveyard to make sure that we have his blessing and that we do right by him,” said Williams.

She helps to head up the Hunter K. Braddee Helping Heroes Foundation with his family. Besides three scholarships, the group also donates blankets to hospitals, Easter baskets to CYS, and toys to kids at Christmas.

“We try to keep his memory alive as much as we can,” said McKahan. “And it helps us doing that. Because we know we’re doing something for him. And we’re able to keep him alive by doing that.”

If you’d like to help the foundation out, you can check out their website.