• Proud to be from Pittsburgh: Strong Women, Strong Girls


    In Pittsburgh, there's a growing group of women working to build the next generation of young leaders. 

    Brookline Elementary is one of dozens of locations where the group Strong Women, Strong Girls holds weekly sessions with college students teaching young girls. Those students tell us the sessions hold a special place in their hearts.

    "It's not really community service or volunteering. We come to talk to the girls and they teach us as much as we teach them," said Duquesne University student Kayla White.

    Jocelyn Horner is the co-president of the organization, which only exists in Pittsburgh and Boston. Right now, nearly 1,000 women and girls in Pittsburgh are involved.


    "I think this gets women and girls to really help one another," Horner said.

    Professional women mentor college students through upcoming career choices. In turn, the students volunteer at local chapters to help girls in third through fifth grades. They hope the girls will one day be leaders of their communities.

    "Everything we do is working to build a better future for women and girls in Pittsburgh," said Kimmi Baston of Strong Women, Strong Girls.

    The Pittsburgh chapter would like to spread outwards into rural areas to give girls a chance to meet with each other and learn just how similar they are. To find out more about how you can join this organization, click here.


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