Proud to be From Pittsburgh: The Little Fox – Toby's Foundation

PITTSBURGH — A family who experienced an immense loss is turning what they went through into a chance to educate other parents.

Katie and Dan Stern's son Toby died from sudden infant death syndrome when he was just 12 weeks old, but through their suffering they're hoping to help others.

That holiday season was tough. As Katie was making a list for her other son, Luke, she felt an immense hole because she wasn't making a list for Toby.

But through that, The Little Fox – Toby's Foundation was created.

"He brought such joy and love to our family, and we wanted to take that and share it with other people," she said.

It's in memory of Toby and helps educate families about SIDS and safe sleep practices. It has grown since 2017, when it was created, and now donates Owlet Smart Socks to families locally and across the country.

"It brings a sense of goodness and warmth and that sense of joy that toby brought us in the short time that he was here with us," Dan said.

The Sterns now have two little helpers, Luke and their rainbow baby Zeke, to help carry on their brother's memory.