• Trust fund established to help support Pittsburgh Public Safety


    PITTSBURGH - There's a new push to help Pittsburgh Public Safety deal with incidents like the shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting.

    The city has now created a Public Safety Trust Fund after being inundated with calls from people wanting to help.

    "Many individuals and corporations reached out to the city wanting to make donations and so we are creating a special trust fund that will be held at our public safety department. That will allow us to be able to accept those donations to support our public safety," said Daniel Lavelle with Pittsburgh City Council.

    The money will be used solely for training and equipment to improve public safety.


    The City Council passed the resolution Wednesday on the first-time initiative.

    "They want  to be able to donate so our officers are better prepared, have all the necessary equipment to deal with such tragedies," Lavelle said.

    "The trust fund will be established to make sure Pittsburghers are safe when they live here or are visiting," said Mayor Bill Peduto, who said the offers of assistance keep coming in, ranging from a tech company with new software to search social media for threats to an envelope with a $20 bill from someone wanting to help.

    "The generosity of the public through this, even, it is their way of trying to do something in order to help, and in Pittsburgh, we understand that when something bad happens, as Mr. Rogers told us, look for the helpers," Peduto said.

    The Public Safety Department will administer the trust fund.



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