7-year-old dies after she was found in pool

BALDWIN, Pa. — A 7-year-old girl who was found in a backyard pool in Baldwin last week has died at a hospital.

Mandell Lomanand and his family were on vacation when they got a devastating phone call.

"They told us that they pulled a little girl from our pool," Lomanand said.

The Allegheny County Medical Examiner identified the girl as Jessica Basnet.

Channel 11 talked to the girl's parents, who said she was being babysat by Loma's next door neighbor when she wandered away and into the pool, where she was eventually found.

"My wife has already said multiple times, 'I just want to tear down. Do I even want to live here anymore?" Mandell said.


He said the ladder to their pool was locked and all of their pool toys were put away, but when they got home, they were scattered in the pool.

Mandell said other neighbors told him several people were at their home, and now they're wondering what happened.


"It’s something that impacts our history of living in this home going forward. It alters the history of us moving forward," Mandell said.

The caretaker told Channel 11 she was in the bathroom when the girl wandered away.