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Pit bull dies after being left in yard during extreme temperatures, police say

FAYETTE CITY, Pa. — A Fayette City woman is being charged with felony animal cruelty after police say she left her dog out for hours in the extreme heat and it died.

Neighbors called 911 after finding the dog dead in the yard, and police spoke to several people who said this wasn't the first time the dog had been left with no food or shelter.

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Leighann Pomplas is charged with animal cruelty, but she told Channel 11's Melanie Marsalko she didn't do anything wrong.

"I mean, he was only out for approximately, like, three hours and I came back out and I had a gallon of water to give him more water and I thought he was laying down and I walked over and he was dead," she said.

People who live nearby told police it was closer to seven hours that the dog was left outside in the heat.

Watch the full report above to hear more from Pomplas.


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