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Arrest made after suspected meth lab found at Super 8 motel

MOON TOWNSHIP, Pa. — An arrest has been made in the investigation into a suspected meth lab found inside a room at a Super 8 Motel in Moon Township, police said Wednesday.

Craig Glasser is in custody after evidence of the potentially dangerous lab was discovered Tuesday when a fire alarm was triggered inside the motel. Surveillance video helped identify him.

Police described a strong gaslike odor on the premises.

"The owner said alarm went off and he found smoke coming from one of the rooms," Police Chief Greg Seamon said. "Officers responded and discovered it was more like a gaseous fog than smoke so he backed off."

Wearing protective gear, firefighters went into the room and found what police told us was some type of drug lab.

"There’s evidence in there we can’t disclose," Seamon said. "Basically evidence that led us to believe they’re trying to manufacture some kind of drug."


Police said Glasser was trying a method called "shake and bake," a quick way to make meth, but one that is extremely combustible.

According to the police, the fire was caused by a lithium battery pack that exploded. Police said Glasser tossed the chemicals and the burning battery into the bathtub before running out of the motel.

No one was hurt.

This is the second suspected meth lab discovered in an area motel. OnFriday, hazmat and Allegheny County police were called to a Kennedy Township motel for a suspected meth lab.