• Bees surprise workers clearing massive tree that landed on cars


    PITTSBURGH - A massive tree fell across a street in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood early Friday morning, causing quite a bit of damage and leading to the disruption of a beehive.

    The white oak tree crashed down about 1 a.m. on Shady Avenue, between Northumberland Street and Aylesboro Avenue. It uprooted in the front yard of a home.

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    As the tree fell, it lifted part of a cement driveway to the home and brought down wires. It landed on at least two cars across the street, damaging four in total.


    “I was sound asleep, and all of a sudden I just heard -- I'm a very light sleeper -- I heard this very loud bang, and then a car alarm going off,” Carley Risley, whose car was damaged, said.

    While crews worked to remove the tree, they encountered bees in a hive inside it. 


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