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Bizarre incidents in Bethel Park have neighbors on edge

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — The Bethel Park Police Department took to social media to ask for the public’s help in searching for a man caught on video wandering around and knocking on doors of multiple homes on Sarah Street.

Mike Krizner was surprised when we showed him the surveillance video that Bethel Park police shared with their community.

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“It’s very unnverving! It’s a nice suburban neighborhood; no one wants to see that kind of thing,” explained Krinzer.

The video is of a man ringing a doorbell at a home on Sarah Street just after 5 this morning.

According to investigators, he didn’t only ring the doorbell at this house, but at another one too, before going around to the back of the house.

Police told us — none of the neighbors recognize the man.

It’s not the first time this week that Bethel Park has made the news.

A few days ago, police arrested this man, who broke into an 89-year-old woman’s apartment and took a shower.

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Surveillance video showed him wandering in the building’s hallways.

“We are going to lock our doors because we never used to do that, close the windows, and make the house secure, that’s all we can do,” added Krizner.

Wednesday, police said they had spoken to the man and resolved the issue.

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