• City confirms Pittsburgh salt truck damaged several cars, then drove away


    PITTSBURGH - 11 Investigates confirmed a woman's claim that a Pittsburgh plow truck destroyed her car during the weekend snowstorm is accurate.

    The driver of a salt truck for the city of Pittsburgh is now under investigation for striking vehicles in Lawrenceville.

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    "It's just good to have an answer, some resolution for the city to own up and really appreciate that," said Maryn Formley, whose 2016 Nissan Sentra parked on 54th Street sustained heavy damage. "Thank yous is all I have. Thank you to you guys."

    Formley and others suspected it might be a salt truck, but there were no witnesses or surveillance video.


    A city of Pittsburgh spokesperson confirmed Tuesday that a salt truck did hit the cars, but it wasn't the plow that caused the damage.

    According to the city, an auger motor used to spread salt from the back of the truck apparently malfunctioned and was not tethered to the truck.

    As the truck rolled down 54th Street in Upper Lawrenceville, the motor sideswiped the cars.

    It's unclear why the driver didn't report the accident until Tuesday and the city will determine if disciplinary action is warranted.

    In the meantime, this has cut into Formley's livelihood as she also drives for Lyft.

    "I need to be back behind the wheel of a vehicle and there should definitely be some kind of compensations because my car is worth quite a bit," she said.

    A spokesman for the city told 11 Investigates that Formley needs to file a claim with the city and the city will likely cover the damages.



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