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Couple charged for selling drugs out of home with child inside

BETHEL PARK, Pa. — Two people were arrested Tuesday in Bethel Park after a months-long investigation into narcotic sales at a home, police said.

PHOTOS: Bethel Park narcotic sales investigation leads to 2 arrests

Search and arrest warrants were served at the house on Eastview Road, where Eric Paternoster, 32, and Melissa Bancroft, 35, were taken into custody, police said. A child also lived in the home.

"We've been looking at this place for months," said Police Chief Timothy O'Connor. "They have caused a lot of disruption to the homeowners on the street. We also believe that they have been dealing other substances than marijuana out of there."

Paternoster and Bancroft are charged with possession of a controlled substance, delivery of a controlled substance and possession with intent to deliver a controlled substance.

Neighbors said they noticed a lot of traffic in and out of the house after the couple moved in just months ago.


"There were cars coming and going," said one neighbor who did not want to be identified. "They would only stay five or 10 minutes at a time. It was never the same car."

Members of the Bethel Park Police Drug Task Force, patrol officers, detectives and a K-9 unit served the warrants, police said.

"I kind of just stayed by the kitchen window and I watched, I saw three police cars come down," said another neighbor who did not wish to be identified. "They went in the house, then I saw the man and the woman coming out with their hands cuffed behind their backs."