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Post Office says road too rough to deliver people's mail

MARIANNA BOROUGH, Pa. — “The road’s just terrible. Potholes, slides.”

People living along Field and Stream Road in Marianna Borough drive at a crawl.

“It’s basically a five or ten minute per hour trip,” explained Dave Hileman who lives on the road.

From Drone 11, you cannot really see how bad the road surface is. But down at tire level, it’s very different. All the potholes and massive craters in the road is a seriously bumpy ride, one that can very easily cause damage to your car, costing you even more money.

“Changed shocks on my truck twice. Well over $2,000,” Joseph Rudman told Channel 11’s Erin Clarke Thursday.

That’s why the Post Office said they are no longer delivering mail to Field and Stream Road. People have to pick their mail up in Marianna, which is about five miles away.


Channel 11’s Erin Clarke went to Marianna Borough, which maintains part of the road. The Council President said they are doing everything possible.

“We’re also working with the township right now to see if we can bring some resolve, smooth the road out until a permanent solution can be put in place,” Marianna Borough Council President Wesley Silva said over the phone.

As quickly as workers patch the road up, however, people living on Field and Stream Road said it gets ruined again.

Channel 11’s cameras caught large trucks using the beat up road. Residents said they think the trucks are heading to a nearby compressor site. But the Borough said trucks are not supposed to be using that road because they are too heavy.

“Now that we are aware that they are using heavy trucks on that road, we’re going to speak with the solicitor and try to make contact with their person,” Silva said.

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