Concerns raised after drivers say Route 51 too dangerous

PITTSBURGH, PA — Talk to drivers in the South Hills and they will tell you that Route 51 can be scary to drive. Neighbors say they want to see something done soon before another life is taken or somebody else is seriously hurt.

Route 51 in Brookline is fast, narrow and windy in spots.

Along Route 51 from West Liberty Ave. to Whited Street in Brookline, there have already been 14 crashes this year.

In 2020, there were 63 crashes on this stretch. From 2016-2020 the number of crashes was 322.

Those statistics don’t include countless fender benders that snarl traffic and make for a frustrating commute. After a deadly crash in February claimed the life of a 26-year-old Brookline woman, many neighbors want to see improvements.

While many people admit they don’t have all of the answers, they want Pittsburghers to be aware, slow down and put away the distractions.

PennDOT explained that the number of crashes along this stretch of 51 this year is actually historically fewer than years past.

Their traffic engineer is always analyzing data to determine if there are problem areas.