Duquesne University implements mask policy

PITTSBURGH — Duquesne University is enacting a temporary mask requirement for everyone on campus, regardless of vaccination status, due to an upsurge in delta variant COVID-19 cases in the county.

The mask requirement includes all indoor public spaces and anyone who is meeting in groups, and will go in effect on Friday.

Masking will continue through the student move-in process, orientation and the first week of classes, and will be reevaluated by Labor Day.

Fully vaccinated students, faculty and staff who are alone and not in a public or shared space may unmask, according to a news release. When dining in shared spaces, individuals should remain masked until they begin to eat or drink, and put masks back on when they are finished with their meal. Masks will not be required outdoors.

“Taking this measure for a short period will help keep our campus community safe. A large number of students will be moving back to campus, some with people assisting them. Among those people some individuals may not be vaccinated. Therefore, this temporary precaution will allow the University to determine status of all students, faculty and staff, before refocusing measures and beginning a more flexible set of protocols for the new academic year,” the release states.

The university is also taking other safety measures, including enhanced cleaning practices in all buildings. Additionally, all individuals are required to upload their proof of vaccination or their exemption. Those who are not recorded in the system as vaccinated will be required to wear a mask indoors and to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing to help ensure the safety of our entire Duquesne community.

“Fortunately, our experience last year and the campus community’s ability to work together to complete the year strongly suggests our mitigation efforts will allow us to return us to normalcy soon,” the release states.