• Father of 'Pittsburgh Dad,' inspiration for character, dies


    Keith Wootton, the inspiration behind the Pittsburgh Dad character, has died.

    Curt Wootton, who plays Pittsburgh Dad, took to Facebook saying: 

    With a very heavy heart I must announce that on Monday I lost my father, Keith Wootton. As many of you may know my father was the inspiration behind this silly character that I have played for the last 7 years. He exemplified what it meant to be a true Pittsburgher throughout his entire life with his Bloomfield roots, hard working attitude, and total pride in the city which he adored. Growing up one could definitely categorize him as a disciplinarian, but that sternness could easily give way to his tremendous sense of humor. And I’ll never forget how good it made me feel just hearing his laugh. He was and will always be the show’s biggest fan. May the electric bill always be low, the roadwork get done, and the Steelers just run the “G*ddaamn ball” when they’re supposed to;) We’ll always love you dad and just know that you made Pittsburgh a better place and me a better man. 




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