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Former Uber driver accused of false imprisonment, harassment found not guilty

PITTSBURGH — A former Uber driver accused of false imprisonment and harassment of two women was found not guilty on Monday.

Reporter: What was your reaction when you heard the verdict?

“Relieved that the truth has finally come out,” Lomotey said.

Lomotey and his wife were outside of the courthouse after a judge found him not guilty on all charges.

He had been accused by police of false imprisonment and kidnapping several women during two separate occasions while driving for Uber.

In an exclusive interview last year, Lomotey denied the allegations.

Lomotey’s attorney said one of the women, who in court admitted to drinking and smoking marijuana that night, came forward after Lomotey had been charged in the first case.

He said their stories didn’t add up during the non-jury trial Monday morning.

“Turns out there really wasn’t much of a police investigation into it in the first place, and the Uber records did indicate that he was not in the area to do any of the things that she had alleged,” said attorney Joe Horowitz.

“I’m the victim. let’s put that out there that I am the victim in this case, somebody just made up a story and lied against me. And I don’t think I should have to suffer for someone’s wickedness,” Lomotey said.

Lomotey, who’s originally from Ghana, lost his job with Uber and Penn State Beaver, where he taught computer science, put him on leave.

He said the church where he’s a senior pastor stood by him the entire time and he said he can finally tell his two children it’s over.

“My 8-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter now understand that daddy is no longer going to court which is really nice,” Lomotey said.

The District Attorney’s Office released a statement that they believed Lotomey’s actions crossed the line into criminal behavior. The judge, without explanation, determined otherwise.