Judge declares mistrial in Chelsa Wagner hotel altercation trial

Officers who arrested Allegheny Co. official in Detroit testify against her

DETROIT, MI — A judge declared a mistral in the Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner hotel altercation trial.

A jury found Wagner not guilty of disturbing the peace, but could not reach a verdict on a more serious charge of resisting and obstructing officers, according to the Detroit News.

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Wagner and her husband, Khari Mosley, were traveling and attended a concert March 6 in Detroit. After the show, Wagner went to bed while her husband went to the hotel bar.

Police said Mosley was intoxicated and had been causing problems, then couldn't get back into the hotel room because he did not have a key and his name was not on the reservation.

Investigators said Wagner grabbed a police officer while they were arresting her husband on suspicion of disorderly conduct.