Judge revokes bond for police chief accused of soliciting sex online

Judge revokes bond for Leechburg police chief Diebold

LEECHBURG, Pa. — A local police chief was back in court on Tuesday at the defendant’s table after allegedly violating terms of his bond last week.

Police charged Leechburg Police Chief Mike Diebold in an undercover sex sting earlier this year, and took him into custody again days ago for those alleged violations.

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On Tuesday, Diebold testified at an hours-long hearing, as did his estranged wife Danielle and his mother.

Ultimately, the judge sided with the attorney general's office and revoked his bond.

Diebold testified that “he really dislikes jail,” but that is where he will be staying indefinitely because the judge believes he violated conditions of his bond.


The hearing focused mostly on Diebold seeing his son and using the internet after he was charged in January. An employee of his mother’s business said she saw Diebold using computers in the office and saw him on the internet on at least one occasion.

Both Diebold and his wife told the judge it was a misunderstanding because of what a judge told them in Armstrong County family court regarding his visits with his son.

“My client did not violate the terms and conditions of his bond,” said defense attorney Duke George. “It's a sad day for the criminal justice system.”

George says he plans to appeal the decision.