• Kidnapping victim files motion asking judge to relocate her attacker


    PITTSBURGH - Alicia Kozakiewicz has filed a motion in federal court asking a judge to step in and relocate the man convicted of kidnapping her.

    At age 13, Kozakiewicz was taken by 38-year-old Scott Tyree, a man she had met online. Tyree held her captive in his Virginia home, raping and torturing her.

    After serving time in prison, Tyree was released and placed in a halfway house in Pittsburgh, just four miles from the Kozakiewicz family home.

    Kozakiewicz and her family learned of Tyree’s release after they were contacted by Channel 11’s Rick Earle. The Bureau of Prisons said it sent an email, but the family never received it.

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    While the U.S. Attorneys Office defended to relocation, saying inmates are released in the jurisdiction where they were prosecuted, Kozakiewicz attorney Emily Town believes there should be exceptions, especially for defendants like Tyree who have no ties to Pittsburgh.


    “I think that there are some exceptional cases, some cases where the facts are so bad, so shocking and so horrific that you have to look beyond the standard procedure and think about what's actually right,” Town said.

    Tyree is set to appear in court next week regarding restrictions for when he’s released from the halfway house in April.


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