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Allegheny Co. DA not pursuing charges against police officers after brawl

PITTSBURGH — The Allegheny County District Attorney's Office has announced that it will not file any criminal charges against the undercover Pittsburgh police officers involved in a bar brawl last fall.

The fight between officers and members of the Pagans motorcycle club happened Oct. 12 at Kopy’s Bar on the South Side and was caught on camera.

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On Wednesday, the Department of Justice confirmed a Target 11 report that there would not be any federal charges against the officers.

The DA followed suit Thursday, deferring to the DOJ's decision.

“With the Federal Government having declined to pursue criminal charges and with numerous parties seeking a remedy civilly at the federal level, District Attorney Zappala has decided not to pursue state criminal charges against the Pittsburgh Police Officers involved in the Kopy’s Bar incident," Mike Manko, spokesperson for the DA, said.

So far three members of the motorcycle club have filed lawsuits against the city and the officers involved. The Allegheny County District Attorney dismissed all charges against the Pagans.

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"I'm surprised," Marty Dietz, an attorney representing one of the club members, said. "I've been part of many cases where evidence far less compelling has resulted in the filing of criminal charges."


While the federal government and Allegheny County have closed their investigations, the Citizens Police Review Board is now re-opening its probe that had been put on hold.

The officers involved remain on paid leave.

The head of the Citizens Police Review Board told Channel 11, "we have resumed with vigor our investigation."

The city's Office of Municipal Investigations is also reviewing the case.