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Letter prompts dramatic turn in DelTondo murder investigation

The monthlong unsolved murder of Rachael Deltondo is now focusing on mail sent to the Beaver County Jail.

Channel 11 confirmed through multiple sources an inmate received a handwritten letter describing details about the night of the murder and it was signed by someone police have interviewed.

Attorney Mike Santicola, who represents Sheldon Jeter Jr., a man police have interviewed and served several search warrants on, told Channel 11 this latest development takes the focus off of his client.

Channel 11 reached out to the Beaver County district attorney, who says he cannot comment on sealed search warrants.


We don't know the extent of the letter, but sources say it's two pages and claims to have pertinent information about DelTondo's murder.

Sources say the letter was signed, but won't say by whom.


Santicola said if the letter is legit and it adds more questions to the monthlong unsolved investigation.

Not only are all the search warrants sealed, but the district attorney confirmed there's a gag order on several people involved in this latest development.