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This home’s Halloween display is causing some to call and complain, but the homeowner is defending it

MCCANDLESS, Pa. — It’s common to see pumpkins, skeletons and cobwebs this time of year, but one couple’s Halloween display in McCandless has neighbors talking.

“Won’t be sending the kids to that house!” one man said.

With severed and bloodied baby dolls, the gruesome graveyard display has reportedly led to some people calling members of council to complain.

The display, located outside of the Reichold Road house, includes statements like “No baby, no cry” and “Born to die” alongside the dolls.

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In a Facebook post, Council President Kimberly Zachary informed community members that she has “gotten complaints about this display” but noted it is “covered under the First Amendment.”

“As long as it doesn’t infringe on my rights, that’s okay with me,” one neighbor told Channel 11.

Over the phone, Channel 11 spoke with the homeowner, Diane Bandy. She stated that the display represents a philosophy called “anti-natalism” which supports “voluntary human extinction.” The philosophy is based on the notion that reproduction leads to human suffering, Bandy said.

Channel 11 asked her to respond to claims that the display is disturbing.

“Existence is disturbing,” she said.