Longtime church treasurer charged with stealing $150,000 from parish

UNITY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A longtime church treasurer is accused of stealing more than $150,000 from Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Unity Township.

Glenn Yothers claims he was paying the bills with the money, and donating it to charity, but police said he was really spending it on sex websites. The church took such a hit that utilities were shut off and it was in jeopardy of closing.

“One of the red flags that popped up were the bills stopped being paid at the church,” said Trooper Steve Limani.

Yothers spent 12 years as the treasurer, and police said he pocketed the money over a 4-year period. Investigators said Yothers was avidly using the website for years, but allegedly told them it became an addiction.

“None of this was going to charity at all. It’s going to his own personal enjoyment and his own personal use,” Limani said.

Yothers’ attorney said he didn’t want to comment on the case.