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Musicians working together on song to help local venues struggling during pandemic

PITTSBURGH — Musicians, and the venues where they perform, are really worried about their future.

A lot of places have closed, while others are just hanging on.

Music venues were among the first to close and the last to reopen.

Nearly 10 of them have closed for good in the Pittsburgh area during the pandemic.

Now, more than 27 bands and more than 60 artists are coming together to get people to listen to their SOS.

“We had this grandiose idea of pulling in every musician we knew in Pittsburgh to be a part of it,” said Eric Rodger, who is a guitarist in the band Royal Honey.

He also wrote a song last month called “SOS 2020.”

Rodger and Bob McCutcheon, the owner of The Vault Recording Studio, pulled musicians together to record “Save Our Stages 2020.”

The purpose is to raise awareness and money for Pittsburgh music venues affected by the pandemic.

“Save our stages. SOS. It really is a cry for help, and it’s a large voice; and I think it comes out in the music,” McCutcheon said.

The song is set to come out on Jan. 8.

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