• Owner of 3 dogs that attacked local singer found not guilty


    PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - A legal battle is brewing over a dog attack in Westmoreland County.

    Amy Demi, a local singer, was delivering a package for UPS when she was attacked by three German shepherds in September in Penn Township.

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    All three dogs have been euthanized, but the owner was found not guilty because of two words in the law.

    Demi's boyfriend told Channel 11 what happened in court Wednesday is a huge disappointment.

    Demi's attorney, Clancy Boylan, said the ruling isn't stopping their quest for justice.

    "This decision has no bearing on our civil case, which is still pending, and doesn't change the fact that Amy was lawfully on the property, was cleared by UPS as having followed every protocol, and was still nearly mauled to death by three dogs that were trained for combat."

    "Criminal culpability will not attach when it's a canine private property where there is no previous dangerous propencities," said Phil Dilucente, Channel 11 legal analyst. "Civil liability will attach even if it's not declared a dangerous canine or dog and there's no other dangerous previous actions by this dog."

    Boylan told Channel 11 his client won't stop fighting until she gets the justice she deserves and is compensated to the full extent of the law for lifelong injuries.

    Channel 11 has been trying to contact the homeowner for comment and have been unable to do so.




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