• Woman attacks man on PAT bus after he tried to stop a fight


    PITTSBURGH - Law enforcement officials said there was an incident on a Port Authority bus in Point Breeze Saturday night involving a man, a woman and a knife.

    Port Authority Police said Octavia Howard was the aggressor, despite earlier reports. Port Authority officials said Howard was charged with aggraved assault and domestic violence after she cut a man who was attempting to step in during a fight.

    Law enforcement said Howard was fighting with another woman on the bus, and allegedly slammed her head off the bus window. Police said the man started to intervene in the fight, at which point Howard lunged after him with a green pocket knife.

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    Police said the man grabbed Howard's arm to defend himself and the pair fight before the bus driver is able to get the knife off the bus.

    Howard had an active arrest warrant, police said, and she faces charges of aggravated assault, harassment and disorderly conduct.



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