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Pens fan hopes to help mom find a kidney at final regular-season game

PITTSBURGH — A Pittsburgh Penguins fan is hoping she can use the team’s success to help find a kidney donor for her mother.

Rachelle Michalowski went to the Penguins game Saturday night armed with two signs and a plan.

The first kidney-shaped sign was white simply said “my mom needs a kidney.”

It was the second sign that drew people’s eyes – a bright-pink kidney shaped sign that had the details. Michalowski’s mother is blood type B-, and anyone who can help should text 724-747-8876.

Michalowski said her mother was diagnosed with stage 5 kidney disease nine years ago and has been fighting for her life ever since.

While working as a teacher at Ringgold High School, Michalowski's mother needs to go to dialasys three times a week.

"Unfortunately, due to medical reasons, I am unable to donate my kidney, despite years of trying," Michalowski said.

In the days since the game, the family has received more than 30 calls from people offering to help.


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