Pitt loosens restrictions at 3 campuses, including main one in Oakland

PITTSBURGH — Restrictions are being loosened at three of the University of Pittsburgh’s campus, including the main one in Oakland.

The step closer to normalcy comes after the university announced it is seeing lower COVID-19 positivity rates.

As of Thursday, the university is shifting to its “Guarded Risk” stage, which is its lowest risk category.

In addition to Pitt’s main campus in Oakland, the Titusville and Bradford campuses have also been given the green light to loosen restrictions.

Under “Guarded Risk,” most instruction can take place in person. However, large lecture halls are still not happening. In addition, housing and shared spaces may open, but there will be occupancy limits.

Students said this is progress, but they’re still not letting their guard down. The university is telling students to continue wearing masks, keep social distancing and avoid large gatherings.

“It’s nice being back in class because I feel like there’s more … there’s a better sense of knowing what you’re doing, just because you’re not on a video talking, listening to a lecture. You’re actually in-person listening to the instructor, and you can ask questions and you’re more interactive,” Natalie Ferraro, a Pitt sophomore, said.