• Police searching for 2 men who tried to rob woman walking home with toddler


    WASHINGTON, Pa. - Police in Washington are searching for two men who violently tried to rob a woman Thursday night.

    Darchelle Whitlock is now living in fear.

    "I could have lost my life and my son's life," Whitlock said.

    Whitlock was walking home in an alley with her 1-year-old son near Jefferson Venue in Washington.

    "I didn't have any money on me, just the diaper bag and my son was on my hip. That's when he points the gun at Liam and goes, 'I told you to give me your money, I'm going to shoot your son,'" Whitlock said

    Whitlock said they emptied her diaper bag and her son started crying. The men then continued to threaten him with a gun.


    "He put it on my baby's back and he was screaming the whole time. They were telling me to shut him up. I was like, 'I can't do anything. He's a baby. He's scared,'" Whitlock said.

    She said said one of the men then got angry.

    "One of the dudes was like, 'Let's just shoot her. Let's shoot them. They don't have any money. They're nothing to us,'" Whitlock said.


    That's when a car came up the alley and the two men took off.

    "If that car wouldn't did not come up that alley I would be dead right now," Whitlock said.

    She's hoping they're caught soon and they pay for their actions.

    "Whoever threatens a baby's life needs to go to jail for life. Honestly. That's sickening," Whitlock said.



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