PPS officially accepts resignation of Superintendent Anthony Hamlet

PITTSBURGH — Officials with Pittsburgh Public Schools have officially accepted the resignation of Dr. Anthony Hamlet.

This follows the announcement that Hamlet was resigning made by the Pittsburgh Board of Public Education and Pittsburgh Public School District Solicitor Ira Weiss nearly a week ago.

The resignation was made official at a special legislative meeting on Tuesday evening.

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Hamlet’s resignation will be effective Oct. 1.

Hamlet will receive one year’s salary, plus the actual value of his benefits -- amounting to $399,687. This is because the terms of his contract, in accordance with the Pennsylvania School Code, “limits severance to no more than one year of salary and benefits if the contract had two or more years remaining -- whether there is a mutual agreement for a resignation or whether he is terminated at will.”

The former superintendent issued his resignation letter after it was found he violated ethics codes. There were also questions about his qualifications and his resume at the time he was appointed in 2016.