• Prosecution outlines evidence against Syrian refugee accused of terror plot on Pittsburgh church


    PITTSBURGH - We now have a better idea of what evidence the government has against the Syrian refugee accused of plotting an attack on a Pittsburgh church in the name of ISIS.

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    Prosecutors shared they have audio recordings of Mustafa Alowemer meeting with undercover FBI agents, along with photos and online communications.

    Prosecutors said they detail his role in planning an attack on a North Side church and wanting to move to Syria to fight with ISIS.

    Alowemer is behind bars during this process. During court on Wednesday, he was wearing a jumpsuit from the Mahoning County Jail, which is in Ohio.


    Since the judge considered Alowemer a flight risk, he will be held until the trial.

    Both sides are still in the discovery phase where the government gathers and shares its evidence with the defense. That is expected to last until March.

    Although, the defense said it could take even longer since much of the evidence is being translated into Arabic, so Alowemer fully understands. It's unclear when the trial will take place, but the judge emphasized she doesn't want any unnecessary delays.


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