Rain a big concern for sinkhole that swallowed PAT bus in Downtown Pittsburgh

Rain a concern for the downtown sinkhole that swallowed PAT bus

PITTSBURGH — As rain approaches the Pittsburgh region, there is new concern for the downtown sinkhole that swallowed a Port Authority bus Monday morning.

Wednesday afternoon, crews placed a large pump into the sinkhole in case rain becomes a major issue in the coming days.

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Channel 11’s Gabriella DeLuca spoke with Mayor Bill Peduto about how the city is taking precautions ahead of this threatening forecast.

“Just making sure the sewage system itself being able to move rainwater out is working, so more on the maintenance side and preparing for Thursday’s rain than anything on the engineering side and trying to determine what caused it,” Peduto said.

The director of the Department of Mobility and Infrastructure told Channel 11 they are working to figure out a drainage plan to get water out of the hole.

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Their plan is to make sure all the water goes down into a storm drain.

The mayor’s office also told Channel 11 all of the fiber optic lines and water and sewer lines have been capped or shut off to prevent any problems when the rain falls.

The upcoming rain could push crews back for a day or two in repairing the sinkhole.