• Report: People stay in Pittsburgh longer than any other U.S. city


    PITTSBURGH - Pittsburgh has been on a lot of ‘top city’ lists recently.

    • America’s second most livable city
    • Top three cities for first-time home buyers
    • Best football cities for fans 


    It seems when people move to Pittsburgh, they stay here. 

    A new report by Lending Tree found that Pittsburgh is the number one city where homeowners stay put.

    The average Pittsburgh homeowner sticks around for 7.54 years. That’s better than New York, Buffalo, Philadelphia and New Orleans – which round out the top five.

    The median value of a house here is $153,000. Compare that to New York City at $440,900.

    Here's the full Top 10: 

    1.    Pittsburgh
    2.    New York
    3.    Buffalo, NY
    4.    Philadelphia
    5.    New Orleans
    6.    Hartford, Conn.
    7.    Cleveland
    8.    Los Angeles
    9.    Providence, RI
    10.    Memphis, Tenn.




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