• What caused the flooding on Route 28?


    MILLVALE, Pa. - Channel 11 is digging into what caused the flooding on Route 28 on Wednesday.

    The flooding happened right below a hillside on Route 28, just south of the 40th Street Bridge.

    On Wednesday, David Johnson said he didn't remember seeing anything like this, and PennDOT officials said they've never seen anything like it either.

    The inbound lanes were under water and required water rescues. 

    Submitted by Susan Hines
    Submitted by Susan Hines
    Susan Hines

    Lori Musto, PennDOT's senior highway maintenance manager for Allegheny County, told Channel 11 the heavy rain combined with water and debris coming off Troy Hill blocked the drains and inlets, causing the water to rise rapidly.

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    Normally, PennDOT focuses on more flood-prone areas like Route 51 in the South Hills ahead of severe weather, but today, they're monitoring Route 28 and other areas that aren't usually a concern.


    "We have crews out today working on our drainage systems and keeping them clean ahead of the storms," Musto said.

    What remains unclear is if Wednesday's flooding was due to a problem with the road or hillside.

    Musto said once the rain stops, that's when PennDOT crews will be evaluating.

    "We'll take a look at that and see where we're at, if it was a fluke storm or if something needs to be done to correct issues in that area," Musto said. 

    PennDOT is asking drivers if they see a clogged drain or inlet to call them before it becomes a much more dangerous situation. 


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