Fayette County residents spent Friday cleaning up after a tornado ripped through the area

PITTSBURGH — A tornado that struck Fayette County was so strong it knocked over massive farm equipment and left behind a trail of damage.

Investigators from the National Weather Service were surveying damage in Saltlick Township and found toppled trees, scattered farm equipment and other destruction. At least two tornadoes touched down in our area Thursday, according to the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh.

The NWS sent a team to Fayette and Westmoreland counties on Friday and determined that a tornado did touch down.

“That’s why we want people to take these warnings very seriously this one evolved pretty quickly,” said Shannon Hefferan of the National Weather Service.

The NWS said the tornado carried winds of about 100 mph -- so intense that it destroyed two sheds.

Don Wensel of Saltlick Township said he feels fortunate his house was spared.

“It could have wiped out both houses,” Wensel said.

Nearby, the roof of Wensel’s cousins garage was blown off.

Just across the state line in Ohio, at least two tornadoes were confirmed near Steubenville.

The damage there was extensive with homes ripped apart and debris thrown everywhere.