Jury convicts Carnegie Mellon student of sexual assault

Jury convicts Carnegie Mellon student of sexual assault
A Carnegie Mellon University student was convicted of sexual assault Wednesday after a jury found him guilty stemming from a 2018 incident involving a University of Pittsburgh student.
According to a criminal complaint, on September 22, 2018, another person living in the same Pittsburgh apartment building as Joon Woo Baik called 911 and said there was a woman outside naked, screaming and crying. The caller told 911 he heard a woman screaming inside Baik’s apartment that she wanted to leave.
The complaint said police talked to Baik who said he and the woman had been drinking, had sex and then she ran out. Documents said the woman called 911 reporting a sexual assault later that night. Officers arrived and took her to UPMC Magee Hospital for a sexual assault evaluation.


The criminal complaint said at the hospital, officers saw scratches and marks on both sides of the victim’s neck.
Later that night, according to the complaint, Baik arrived at police headquarters for an interview about the situation. Documents said Baik told police he bought a bottle of whiskey and was pouring drinks for himself and the victim throughout he night. He continued that the victim became drunk, he carried her into the bedroom, and the pair had sex, adding he recorded the sexual encounter on his phone “in case something like this happened”. The complaint said as police continued questioning Baik, he repeatedly changed his answers, and kept providing different responses when asked about how the victim’s neck was scratched.
The criminal complaint detailed how police downloaded the recording from Baik’s phone and found the victim to be slurring her words, unable to put together coherent sentences. The complaint said the victim did, however, repeatedly revoke her consent to engage in sex, and frequently told Baik to stop before screaming.
The Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office told Channel 11 News Wednesday that a sentencing hearing for Baik is scheduled for July 29, 2019.