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Small explosion at Strip District distillery injures worker

PITTSBURGH — A small explosion Thursday morning at Wigle Whiskey Distillery in Pittsburgh’s Strip District injured one worker, officials said.

The explosion was reported just before 11 a.m. at the distillery on Smallman Street.

"I would say it was a medium-sized explosion," said Pittsburgh Fire Chief Darryl Jones.

He said the employee was burned when a still near where he was standing exploded. He was alert and talking to EMTs when he was taken to a hospital and is expected to be OK.

"The explosion forced the still to move maybe about 12 feet from its anchor point," Jones said.

A nearby building was briefly evacuated until officials determined there was no further threat.

Wigle's co-owner told Channel 11 they haven't determined what exactly happened, but "this was not an explosion, it was an accident," and that they're conducting their own investigation.

Channel 11 checked back with Jones, who maintained there was indeed an explosion but the cause has yet to be determined.


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