Suspected meth lab found when Pittsburgh police called to Squirrel Hill home for burglary

PITTSBURGH — A suspected methamphetamine lab was found in a home in Pittsburgh’s Squirrel Hill neighborhood after Pittsburgh police were called early Sunday morning about a burglary, authorities said.

Police said the people who were in the home on Darlington Road were escorted out so officers could conduct a protective sweep for the possible burglar. That’s when the officers recognized the signs of a clandestine meth lab -- including chemicals and glass containers -- in a third-floor apartment.

A hazmat team was called to conduct testing, and the Pennsylvania State Police Clandestine Lab Response Team was called in to remove the chemical contents and evidence.

A man who lives in the apartment, 36-year-old Chris Adams, was arrested and faces multiple charges, including operating a meth lab and manufacturing an illegal substance. A warrant is out for the arrest of his roommate, Joe Teare.

Both men have been caught doing this before and have previous convictions.

People who live in Squirrel Hill, a big walking community, were surprised to learn of the meth lab.

“We walk down the street everyday pretty much on our way to Squirrel Hill, so it’s just surprising that’s the kind of house you walk by every day. It is what it is, but I’m glad they caught him,” Joe Schmidhofer said.